Monday, 31 August 2015

Just a quickie

Site works started 3 weeks ago now.  They've pretty much finished all the underground work and prepping for the slab. We've been told that the slab should be poured this week (weather permitting).

Haven't bothered posting any photos since my last update as all the work has been done underground with pipes and electrical and what not.  Hopefully should have some slab pictures to take this week.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Site works begin

So I did a drive by on Wednesday to find that site works had started.  I'll admit that I was a bit disappointed to see how deep in the ground our site cut was :(

I knew we had to be cut down, but it looks much worse than I was expecting. What has made it look even worse is I think the house next door to us brought in fill rather than cut and fill, so their house is level with the road.

Our house looks like it'll be about the same level as the house next door, but is definitely not level with the road.  I keep getting told it'll look much better when the house is complete, but I'll just have to wait and see because my imagination isn't working too well at the moment.

Site cut....
Swung by again on Saturday and they had started on the screw piles.....
Yep! Those screw piles are 'that' close to our back fence. No doubt some of you are thinking "That's an absolutely tiny backyard", and you'd be right!  We really don't have a back yard at all.  But as we're living across the road from this.....

.....we decided we didn't need a big backyard and could have more house instead.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Boutique continue to be helpful

Unsurprisingly the site supervisor of the Home Buyers Centre home has said that it's not their mess on our block.  I mentioned that there is left over iron on the block and the HBC home is the only house being constructed nearby that has an iron roof.  The builder next door (Burbank Homes) has also claimed it not to be theirs, although I don't believe this for a second, but what would they care?

This is the mess we're talking about.  It's not a huge amount and if we had a ute, we'd just clean it up ourselves.

Thankfully, the site supervisor has agreed to clean up the mess for us.  I'm extremely grateful for this as we have no means to cart away the rubbish ourselves and would have to pay someone to do it. So we've been advised we do not need to do anything now and that our site will be tidied up on Monday in preparation for a site start on Wednesday.

Have been extremely happy with the service from Boutique Homes this time around.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


We were moved to construction on the 5th as we had hoped and just received a phone call from our Client Liaison Officer today to inform us that our site start date will be 12th August 2015.

It's been raining for days down here in Melbourne and it's forecast for more rain next week, so they may not actually start on the 12th, but we still see it as a reason to celebrate.

I've spoken to them about the rubbish on our block as I believe it's left over from the Home Buyers Centre house that is being built nearby.  Hopefully they continue to be very helpful and arrange for someone to clean it up, or they may just palm it off as not their mess :(

Photos to come in the coming weeks; watch this space.....